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About airsoft

Would you like to know what it is like to play with real guns?

Then, it is time for you to try airsoft! This military game – also known as softair – is quite similar to paintball or lasertag but even more exciting. Since it is played with real guns in military suits, it seems as if you were in a real war situation.
During the game, you can experience a soldier’s stress and get to know how you react in a stressful situation. Would you remain steady, could you overcome your fears?

What kind of airsoft player are you?

Are you a brave warrior who leads the army towards victory or a less courageous soldier who is shot at the beginning of the fight? Are you a conqueror who does not save bullets during the attacks? Or do you prefer hiding prudently to protect yourself from being shot? During the game, you will get the answer. All you can trust are your own skills, your quick reactions and your cold blood!

So what is airsoft?

  • a hobby sport
  • a simulator game
  • a team building game

Is airsoft safe?

Definitely yes! Airsoft weapons appear to be completely similar to real ones except for their weight and the characteristics of the bullets. For airsoft weapons, we use 6-8 mm biodegradable bullets that are shot with less speed than in case of real guns.
In Hungary, the muzzle energy of airguns can be a maximum of 7,5 J but this number is much smaller in case of airsoft weapons (only 3,5 J). Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being hurt seriously.

What is the process of an airsoft game?

 The game takes place in Szentendre where you can find several fields full of hindrances.
Depending on the field and the referee’s decision, you can play a last-man-standing game or players can have more lives. The goal of game also depends on the rules. It can be for example occupying a military base, capturing an object or helping a certain player to reach the target through dangerous situations.
A little disadvantage is that it depends on the participants’ honesty to remember the number of the shots because contrary to paintball, airsoft bullets do not leave a trace.

What can you get from this game?

First of all experience, adventure and excitement. Apart from having a good time, airsoft can make you get to know yourself more because an extraordinary situation like this can cause unexpected reactions.

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