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You can play airsoft in two venues, namely Budapest and Szentendre, where you can find several inside and outside fields. Airsoft is an ideal sport for team building because contrary to general beliefs, it does not cause pain if you play according to the rules.


Who is airsoft recommended for?

Primarily, we recommend airsoft for companies or groups of friends who are looking for unique team building program. Secondly, it is recommended for those who would like to try FPS games live. What is more, airsoft can be a good program for a bachelor party as well.

Airsoft is an unforgettable experience to everyone who likes action and simulator team games.

Played in military suits with real guns, airsoft players can live through what soldiers do in a battle field where you can only trust your own abilities and skilfulness.

Why can airsoft be exciting?

It’s a game where you need to be level-headed and focused so that you can act in cold blood. Are you this type of person?
Are you curious about how you would react in such a situation or such a simulator game?
If you are over 16, you can test yourself.

Excitement, adventure and experience can be taken for granted for both teams while reaching the goal in the airsoft field of Szentendre.

What can you expect?

First of all experience, adventure and excitement. Apart from having a good time, airsoft can make you get to know yourself more because an extraordinary situation like this can cause unexpected reactions.

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Free airsoft

We all know that organizing a game is not an easy task, therefore we give you a free game as a reward.

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Birthday discount

Experience can be a good birthday present. Take your friends to play airsoft as a birthday present and we will participate in your celebration...
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Bachelor Party

Would you like to start the bachelor party with something really exciting? Then come to play airsoft to Szentendre!
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Electronic airsoft target shooting system

Let's try our electronic airsoft target shooting system!
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