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Szentendre – Airsoft field

Szentendre – Airsoft Field
Our own 10.000-square-meter airsoft field takes place in Szentendre, in an ex-soviet barrack. The buildings and the surroundings are made to satisfy the needs of the players. The fields are full of natural and artificial hindrances and tunnels in order to be perfect for every kind of games (saving a hostage or guarding your base etc.)

You can play airsoft all year round because in case of bad weather or winter time, you can use the enlightened inner fields.

After an exciting airsoft game, you can enjoy some refreshment and you can use the dressing rooms, the toilettes and you can also have a shower.


  • weapon (AK-47 or G36-C)
  • protecting mask
  • overall
  • a pack of bullets (if you need, you can buy more during the game)

The field is located in Szentendre next to road number 11, near Városkapu mall. You can come by suburban railway as well; you should take off at Pannóniatelep.
Bus transfer is also available! Please ask about our speacial offer for it!

Opening hours:
Every day of the week from 6:00 to 22:00
You need to register in advance!

Római Adventure Park

Spartan airsoft field takes place in the third district of Budapest, in Római Adventure Park, opposite to Római spa. Thus, you do not have leave the capital city if you long for a bit of shooting and fighting. Besides trees and bushy hindrances, this airsoft field contains several other decorations, which generates a counter strike feeling. Try and play airsoft in a new and exciting field!
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You can come by suburban railway; you should take off at Rómaifürdő. If you arrive by car, there is free-guarded car park in the territory of the adventure park.

Opening hours:
Every day of the week from 6:00 to 22:00
You need to register in advance!

Mobil field

Try airsoft at your field! Our airsoft field was tested by many people several times, and outdoor teambuildings.

If the possibility is given, any place is good for playing airsoft. We use a special net around the mobile airsoft field, so neither nature nor the visitors can be harmed. Any other activities can be done very next to the airsoft field, the game won’t affect on it. And no one will be hurt. We set up foxholes, so a plain field could be a real game field in no time. At this field the game, ‘speed’ is the best to play. These games are fast, so these are good for championships or big events.

We set up our mobile field on the day of the game and we also dismantle that day.

We use inflatable foxholes.

The airsoft courses do not require the construction of permanent environmental changes, when the track is removed, the site remains in its original condition.

Ask for our special offer!


Since there are strict rules for airsofta mobile track is not always possible.

Ask for our advice!